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ACS has qualified and trained professional advisors and experts to assist in marketing solutions balancing both the short term and long-term businesses. ACS helps businesses make the right deal at the right time and at the right price. Our experts continuously develop innovative and creative ideas that perform consistently over a wide array of platforms. The ways by which we can help your business excel includes:

Advertising: Managing Media Effectively

Newspaper Ads: ACS has the expertise to get your brand noticed. Newspaper Ads include graphic design, print ready production art files, photo selection for visual effectiveness and many others.

Creative Print Ads: ACS manages the whole process from start to finish. Creative Print Ads appears in newspapers, magazines, brochures and many others.

Billboard Advertisements: ACS helps in creating lively and pleasant billboards to make your brand noticed and grow furtherBillboard advertisements include writing a concise and clear message, eye-catching visuals and graphics and many others.

Radio: ACS has the ability to make 1 minute of intense radio commercials to tell your story. Radio services include professional voices, high quality music, compelling stories and many others.

Amvi customer loyalty

Build Customer Loyalty

ACS analyses your products and services to know if it meets and exceeds customer expectations. In case there are certain drawbacks, it advises and guides you to implement improvements for customer loyalty. The training given in this aspect includes:

  • Client-customer relationship.
  • Increasing average customer spending.
  • Developing advocacy of your business.
  • Measuring the health of customer relationship continuously over a period.

Increase sales and profits

ACS helps businesses launch product or services with more clarity and alignment through a timely check, using the adequate insights, tools and techniques. Some of the strategies followed in this regard are:

  • Compensation and incentive designs.
  • Right customers and channels.
  • Highest value customers.
  • Pricing and cross selling segments.
  • Output metrics.

Internet Marketing

ACS offers various training on tools to help increase website conversions to attract customers. These training on tools include:

  • Website design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Online videos
  • Online Ads
  • Blogs
  • Social media websites
  • Pay per click
  • Search engine marketing

Marketing and brand strategy

ACS helps in designing well-executed marketing programs to move profits and revenue. ACS aims to provide companies with structures programs to target attractive segments of customers, creating the desired image and strengthening the brand. This includes:

  • Brand management
  • Resource allocation
  • Marketing Mix
  • Competitive positioning.
  • Brand portfolio management
brand strategy
Public Speaking

Public Speaking

ACS helps you in providing public speakers for your meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars and events. It also helps in training your employees as professional public speakers.

Traditional Marketing

ACS works with your organization to make you look at the bigger picture of marketing and help you in market yourself through traditional means. These includes:

  • Logo design
  • Brochure design
  • Corporate video
  • Professional printing
  • Graphic design
  • Print media
  • Broadcasting
  • Direct mails
  • Telemarketing
amvi Tradition Marketing

Website Design

ACS offers tips on improving your web design through colors, fonts; images you use and do not use that can help you in deciding the high conversions or exit rates. The services provided in this category includes:

  • Polished and professional Logo tips
  • Strategic use of colors and fonts
  • Professional photography
  • Testing the designs
  • Easy navigation through the website
  • Page optimization

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